Meet The Team



Hello! My name is Dee, and I am the founder of TrenDee! I love the outdoors and animals. I have a cat named Todd who really likes chicken wings and a turtle named Helen that likes shrimp. I am 99.99% of the time in a fantastic bubbly mood, and I can hold a conversation! I really like the TV series FRIENDS. I believe that I relate most to Phoebe!



Hello! My name is Justin! I love to work outside! I love off-roading in my Jeep, I am currently working towards building my dream one. I also love coffee ice cream and watching FRIENDS; I relate most to Chandler! I have two Weimaraners and a turtle named Helen that likes shrimp.



Hello! My name is Nolan! I love animals and living my best life. I’m a hard and dependable worker who loves to take every opportunity that is tossed my way. Some other things I enjoy are traveling, performing, and late night car rides. I also enjoy the show FRIENDS and probably relate most to Monica!